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1 x 150g • USN Pure Protein • Vanilla

1 x 150g • USN Pure Protein • Vanilla
1 x 150g • USN Pure Protein • Vanilla 1 x 150g • USN Pure Protein • Vanilla
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USN's Pure Protein is a precise blend of whey protein isolate and concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumen and soy protein isolate with added vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats.

Following intense training, and through normal human metabolic activity, amino acids that are present in muscle tissue are constantly broken down. The precise ratio of proteins and amino acids rapidly replace amino acids lost during training, plus a gradual release of amino's to help spare muscle tissue. USN's Pure Protein is an advanced, high protein formula that is designed for active people who require top quality protein and other essential nutrients for optimum health and muscle performance. This product is designed for anyone wanting to build muscle fast and maintain their current physique.

Pure Protein is virtually carbohydrate free so as to promote fat loss and encourage leanness and muscle definition. This low-carb formulation is also ideal for those that prefer to obtain carbohydrates from food sources.

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